Team Salut, British producers among the most influential in Africa !

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Both discreet and highly visible, Team Salut members are currently among the most influential producers in the African music industry and its diaspora. Presentation of this trio of British hit makers!

Successful producers

Mista Wood, GKP and Sidechain Manny. Three self-taught multi-instrumentists who met in London and merged their roots from the West Coast of Africa (Ghana, Sierra Leone and Nigeria).

These names may not mean much to you, but you have certainly already listened to their music. Or more precisely their productions. These are the three members of the Team Salut group, a collective of British producers who have been at the heart of many “Afrobeats” successes in recent years.

Starting with “Dance For Me”, this collaboration between Ghanaian Eugy and Nigerian Mr. Eazi, an international success released in 2016, whose official video clip now has over 26 million views on YouTube. This song contributed to the explosion of the two artists.

The latter are currently among the ambassadors of the “Afrobeats” movement in the world. Earlier that year, Team Salut had already produced for Eugy and Eazi in “Body”, another big hit.

Versatile producers

Team Salut’s style is based on its ability to offer a vast musical repertoire combining R&B, Gospel, Afropop and British Rap.

Hence this firm desire to qualify this style as “Afrowave”. Because as Mista Wood claims “It’s all the same branches from the tree, so no-one’s wrong or right but the sounds keep changing, like waves. No wave is the same.”

This is how Afro B, which we presented to you, defines his music. It is therefore quite naturally that the marriage between Team Salut and Afro B takes place. The result is striking, as evidenced by the song “Drogba” which is already proving to be one of the titles of this year 2018.

Producers are not yet sufficiently promoted. But WANA wants to highlight all the actors of this African wave that is breaking out, like Don Jazzy, DJ Juls or Young John. Team Salut is part of this team within the British diaspora. This proves that the New Africa comes from everywhere, to the delight of its lovers !

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