Studio 189, an international showcase for African fashion !

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Today, WANA introduces you to Studio 189, a social fashion company co-created by American actress Rosario Dawson, who recently released her latest collection entitled “First Fall”. Presentation !

A brand created by personalities

Studio 189 (pronounced Studio One Eight Nine) is a social fashion company created in 2013 on the initiative of Hollywood star Rosario Dawson and Ghanaian Abrima Erwiah, former communications officer for the Italian luxury brand Bottega Veneta.

Its purpose is to promote African and African-inspired fashion. The brand has its own label and supports other brands, such as Moonlook by Nelly Wandji. The idea for creation came when Rosario Dawson and Abrima Erwiah visited various African countries during the February 2011 period.

From this adventure, a very accurate observation is made by these 2 women: the increase in the market share of the fashion industry and the encouragement of traditional techniques will lead to social change.

Diversified models

Studio 189 creates clothing for women, men and the home. Clothing, shoes, accessories, bags and pillows. The brand is sold online on their e-commerce site, in addition to other external sales outlets. The firm has also partnered with prestigious brands such as Vogue Italia for exclusive collections.

For now, the latest collection has been unveiled this month on the occasion of the brand’s 6th anniversary celebration at Spring Street Studios, during New York’s Fashion Week. This collection is entitled “First Fall”.

Their diverse and inclusive models have been combined with the brand’s new editions of flounced ground skirts, wide and fitted leg suits with jacket sleeves, pouffe sleeves and neck ties, to their current silhouettes. Bright shades of indigo, brown and yellow earth, with bright red, blue, green and red highlights are a constant in the collection.

For this collection, the brand obviously collaborated with its craftsmen and its production site in Ghana, as well as with the United Nations Ethical Fashion Initiative in Haiti and Burkina Faso, notably with the design firm Xoomba.

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Rosario Dawson and Abrima Erwiah, founders of the Studio 189

Here is the link to the French version.

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