Pongo, best Portuguese-speaking artist at the WANAMusic Awards 2018 !

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As often, the musical year on the African scene was very rich. It was an opportunity for us to organize the fourth edition of the WANAMusic Awards, which will reward the best African artists in 2018 and to recall the main highlights of the year according to WANATeam. 11 prizes are awarded. We continue with the prize for the best Portuguese-speaking artist that we awarded to Pongo !

Please note : Awards are based on our perception of artists’ performance over the calendar year, i.e. from January 1 to December 31, 2018.

Best Portuguese-speaking artist of the year : Pongo – Angola

Proof that the WANAMusic Awards are not just about numbers, we rewarded Pongo for the prize for the best Portuguese speaking artist. This is a real musical crush that we had for the former leader of the group Buraka Som Sistema, known for the title “Kalemba” (Wegue Wegue).

This year, the Angolan singer embarked on a solo career, with the release of her first project Baia, a 5-track E.P. carried by the singles “Tambulaya” and especially “Kuzola”. A project that perfectly symbolizes Pongo’s universe, which promotes a “mixed” Kuduro, i. e. crossed with Electro, Hip-Hop or Dancehall. A state of mind that we particularly appreciate and that we regularly highlight in our various articles.

Pongo wins the prize ahead of Badoxa (Angola/Cape Verde), Djodje (Cape Verde), Josslyn (Cape Verde), To Semedo (Angola) and Yasmine Carvalho (Guinea Bissau/Angola).

She succeeds Yuri Da Cunha, Djodje and Badoxa, who were awarded the prize in 2015, 2016 and 2017 respectively.

Here is the link of the French version !

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