Zola Nene, a chef and food stylist from South Africa !

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Do you know many people who are both chef and food stylist ? After reading this article, you will know at least one of them : Zola Nene, whose reputation went beyond South Africa’s borders, her homeland.

The assertion of a passion

After studying economics for two years, Zola Nene realized that she did not want to follow this career path. She then left South Africa to do 2-year study gap in the UK. This change aimed at having more step back and discover new things, hoping that a professional opportunity would emerge from it. And it did. Our chef, who always had interest in cooking, worked in a Brasserie in Cheshire and found what she was looking for.

First steps in the culinary world

Back in South Africa, Zola Nene enrolled at the Institute of Culinary Arts in Stellenbosch. After working for 6 months as an assistant for a culinary magazine, she moved to Johannesburg to hold the position of catering manager in a corporate.

With the arrival of a new South African culinary TV show Expresso Morning Show, Zola Nene was contacted by the producers to be a food stylist and introduce receipts daily. She accepted the offer and started her career on TV in 2010. Now, eight years after, we can assert that she is part of the show identity.

A diversified world

Zola Nene promotes South African food and cooking by introducing traditional meals during the show she hosts, as well as on her Facebook page, where she shares her favorite receipts. In addition to her job at Expresso, Zola Nene creates receipts for brands and advises them on how to promote their food. In February 2016, a new step in her career had been taken with the release of her first cookbook Simply Delicious.

Even though the African continent has an exceptional culinary wealth, there are only few famous African chefs, and within those chefs, fewer are women.  Zola Nene combines her culinary skills with her food stylist knowledge to promote her passion. Whether you like cooking or you prefer eating, Zola Nene’s world will definitely transport you.

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