Mabel McVey, the multicultural artist who suceeds brilliantly in the UK !

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She is currently doing extremely well in the UK and starts to be known on the global musical stage. Focus on Mabel McVey, a multicultural artist who is none other than the daughter of the singer Neneh Cherry !

A good familial background for success

Mabel with Neneh Cherry.

We can say that music runs in Mabel’s veins, as she truly belongs to a musical dynasty. Indeed, her dad, Cameron McVey, is the producer of the famous British group Massive Attack, in addition to be a singer and songwriter. He also worked with Neneh Cherry, his wife since 1990 and Mabel’s mother.

Neneh Cherry is a Swedish rapper and singer from Sierra Leone who became known worldwide thanks to her single “Buffalo Stance”, released in 1988. In France, she is mainly known for her collaboration with the Senegalese legend Youssou N’Dour in 1994, with the hit “7 seconds”.

A cultural plurality influencing her music

It is hard to be more multicultural than Mabel. Born in Malaga, Spain, she grew up in Stockholm, Sweden, and she is currently living in London. And we should not forget her Sierra Leonean origins from her mother !

This is a strength that makes it very difficult to label her in a single musical category, no matter the song, starting with her first great commercial success “Finders Keepers” featuring Kojo Funds, released in 2017. The hit, which is an excerpt from both her first mixtape Ivy to Roses and EP Bedroom, has more than 30 million views on YouTube.

Mabel successfully plays with Afro, R’n’B and Pop. It is particularly shown through her two collaborations with Not3s, another musician nominated in our rankings about young Hip-Hop African-British artists.  He first contacted her for a remix of his song « My Lover ».

Not3s then contacted her more recently for the song « Fine Line », whose music video was shot in Johannesburg, South Africa. A complete hit which will be played throughout this year 2018, and it could be the main song of her first album.

Anyhow, Mabel has her life ahead, at the ripe age of 22, celebrated last February! Your WANATeam will follow her career development very closely.

To follow Mabel

The article in French is on the following link !

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