Interview Shinx : “My connection with The Higher Clique is dope !”

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WANA propose you an interview of Shinx, Nigerian rapper collaborating with our friends of The Higher Clique. The opportunity for him to introduce himself at the French people and to speak about his new E.P entitled “Love’ N’ Trap”.

WANA : Who is Shinx ?

S: My name is Nwafor Abuchi but most people call me SHINX aka The FatCat aka Nigerian AfroTrap king. I’m a visual, auditory and performing Artist and i currently pursuing my Tertiary certificate in Accra, Ghana.

W: Tell us about your music career and existing and forthcoming projects…

S : I’ve always loved Art. I mean, I drew my own comics and sold them in high school. I was a poet before I started rapping but I officially started my music career in 2013. Then I was part of a group called KMG (K9 Music Group) we weren’t a label more like an independent movement. So KMG dropped a mixtape in September of 2014 titled THE TAKEOVER popularly known as T.T.O. The next year was pretty much silent on my part because of my Education. The music wasn’t leaving much time for my studies and vice versa but I managed to drop two singles DUES and BANDO late of that year and those are my latest and biggest works released. And then there’s 2016 the year of The FatCat ! I’ve been experimenting on a couple of wavy sounds which I’ve been compiling for my Ep titled “LoveNTrap” it’s scheduled to drop in September of 2016 any moment from now actually. The EP features seven songs no collaborations and no two songs sound the same so you just watch out for that. I’m also working on Another EP titled “Another EP” that should be out in October/November it should feature four songs with a lot of collaborations that’s also something to watch out for. The wave is about to hit big !


W: Introduce your Music. What are your influences ?

S: My style of music is Rap. I try to blend rap with whatever sound or genre that allows me to. One of The biggest influence on my music is Drake ! I mean I started rapping after I heard the “So far gone” album. Before that I only listened to genres like Soul, country, pop, just to name a few but that album made me love Hip Hop a lot. I try to listen to every genre of music and learn them so it’s pretty long naming all my musical influences, there’s Sade Adu, Nneka, Asa,, Fela, Marley, Future, Notorious BIG, Big Sean, Wizkid, 2Face Idiaba, Cassper Nyovest, The Weekend, the list just goes on.

How is going the connection with The Higher Clique ?

Dope ! That’s the first thing that pops into my head. I met The Higher Clique (THC) late 2015 after I dropped Dues and Bando and thanks to the internet, they reached out to a nigga all they way from Paris. It’s amazing to know that good music has no boundaries. Since then we’ve stay connected and they have been showing mad love, hooking me up with dope sounds. They’ve got production credits on one of the hottest songs on Love’N’Trap and All songs on Another EP are gonna be produced by THC too. We (I and THC) are working on something really big this year.

A THC mixtape hosted by myself, sorry but the name of the project is undisclosed at the moment but I can assure you there’s gonna be a lot of collaborations on it. There’s gonna be some Nigerian, French, Ghanaian, American collabos and that’s just naming a few. You just wait on the wave because trust me it’s coming and it’s gonna be big!  Don’t say you weren’t told !

Click below to listen the brand new EP of SHINX on SoundCloud :   


Love’N’Trap is available on SoundCloud since today !

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