Interview of Telefunksoul : “Playing in Africa is a dream come true” !

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A few weeks after introducing him to you, Telefunksoul does us the honour of giving us an exclusive interview in which he gives himself with strength and conviction ! 

WANATeam : You have been in the music industry for more than 25 years, what has changed between your beginnings and today ?

Telefunksoul : Yes, I am, the beginning is everything that weird, I had to run back so that now in the present of this right. I think it can improve always, expectation for the future, but still here in Salvador the DJ is not so respected yet. I need to improve, I’ve been fighting.

WANATeam : Are there times when you want to stop everything ?

Telefunksoul : I never thought about stopping the music, I stopped everything was in my graduation profession, I graduated in Physical Ed, I gave up, being a teacher in Brazil is sinister.

W : We know that you are a versatile composer, but is there a musical register that you particularly like ?

Telefunksoul : I think I like more than I will still create, than still to come, I like to think ahead of time. This album that I just released with my friend and musical partner Felipe Pomar is one of them, a disc that I have visualized 3 years, but in 2018 I started to put it into practice, I was still recording Afroxéba$$ in 2015 and I was already thinking about the Recôncavo, Bahia is a barn of musicality, it’s always a lot of information.

W : Are there any African artists you like ? If so, which ones ?

T : Oh my God …. I love Africa too much. I love the artists too much, these beautiful people, so full of swing and musicality. Playing in Africa is really a dream come true, I always say Africa is the mechanism of everything. Difficult to talk about who I like most, but certainly on the list has : Fela Kuti, Amadou & Mariam, Yuri da Cunha, Dog Murras, my friend TITICA, Richard Boná, Bling Lady, Dobet Gnahore among others.

Amadou et Mariam

W : Similarly, which Western/Occidental artists do you like ?

T : Many, I love black music, ragga, rap, bass, reggae, samba reggae, rock, electronic, taste Kraftwerk, like Afrika Bambatta, Beastie Boys, Cypress hill, Incubus, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Fatboy Slim, Prodigy, the eternal Tim Maia, Jorge Ben, Gilberto Gil, the greatest diva Elza Soares, among others. I definitely love music from anywhere.

W: What do you think of the current situation in Brazil ?

T : Man, I hope I do not believe it improves, we live under corrupt rule almost always … I will resist, I as a black man have to value myself and impose myself before everything that comes to challenge me, our country is in chaos, I hate politics, I do not I’m involved, but I have my position. Let’s resist !!!!

W : What is your relationship with the African continent ?

T : My skin color, my family is descended from blacks, Indians and Portuguese, African music fascinates me, makes me leave the body … for as long as I admire, but wanting to know and be able to take my work to this wonderful continent and full of culture.

W : What are your next projects in preparation ?

T : On November 28th, I will re-release my album AfroxéBa$$, only this time remixed by great DJs and producers of the new Bass and Electronic music season (Neki from Serbia, Ruxell, Werson, Forró red light, Golden kong, Ops, Lerry, BBHT, Weber, Igor Iklab … for 2019 has at the beginning of the year the disc of collaBaiana, my project and DJ Werson de Juazeiro, Bahia, where I mix pop hits from the 80s and 90s, with sonority from Bahia, interpreted only by singers.

In my soundcloud already has two previous ones of the disc (link here) and more in the middle of the year, to make the Ré-ConBa$$ volume 2. Because the Reconcavo is very rich, apart from the remixes and collabs that always roll. and a tour of afrika and europe, still thinking.

W : A final word for our readers and your fans all over the world ?

T : Dance, dance until you can no more. Value independent musical production, and respect people first. This is the best in the world. Respect. Thank a lot, huge satisfaction answer these questions !

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