Interview of Jaskelis : “I want the world to know who I am” !

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More than a month after presenting her, the Dutch artist of Nigerian origin Jaskelis agreed to answer our questions during an exclusive interview ! An interview which allows to know more about the ambitions of the singer of “Busy Body” !

WANACorp : You have Nigerian, Dutch and finnish origins. What is the importance and the role of this triple culture in your artistic choices ?

Jaskelis : I value my roots a lot. It has made me to who I am today. From each culture I have learned different things which inspire me on a daily basis. Right now I have chosen to focus on my Nigerian roots when it comes to my music. But that does not mean I deny or neglect any of the others. I am very proud of who I am.

W : Do you have regular links with Nigeria ?

Jaskelis : Links ? I have my family there. Friends. Even a brother and sister. I love Nigeria so much I make sure I always travel twice a year. I dream of eventually growing old in Nigeria. That’s my goal.

W : What are the current African artists thta you listen and enjoy the most ?

J : That is such a hard question. Why ? Cause there are so many different and very talented artists coming from Africa right now. I could make an own chart with favorites. But if I had to make a top 3 I would put Yemi Alade on the first position.

Why? Cause she is a very hardworking female and she inspires me. I love watching her live performances cause just like me she performs with a band. On the second place I am going to put Wizkid. Wizkid can not drop a song that is bad. Everything is straight fire. My number 3 is Adekunle Gold. He makes timeless music everybody in the world can listen to and his lyrics have actual content. I believe he is going to be a legend.

W : And what are occidental artists that you listen and enjoy the most ?

J : Once again I could make an own chart haha. But my ultimate number 1 is Erykah Badu. Her music has gotten me through a whole lot of stuff in life. Right now I am very much into newskool R&B. Singers like H.E.R. and SZA and Tiara Thomas are pure vibes. But on the other hand I also like artists like Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith. I kinda like everything haha. I can not forget to give a major shout out to Hiatus Kaiyote. Really love their music.

W : What does a typical Jaskelis’ day look like ?

J : That really depends on what day it is. Mostly it starts by me going of to school or work. Once I get back from these things its either singing lessons or studio sessions or writing sessions or band rehearsal. But lets say its 8 hours of the regular stuff and another 8 hours of doing something music related.

W : What is your definition of the « New Africa » ?

J : I think this is a hard question. I dont think Africa has changed. We were always beautiful and talented and intelligent and blessed. It is just now that the world is starting to see what we have always known. And instead of looking down at us, we have become a trend. I think its beautiful to see how people anticipate to our many cultures and different music styles and dances. Africa is supercool. But we didnt just become cool overnight. We always were.

W : What are your music projects​ in preparation ?

J : Right now I am focused on releasing new Afropop Afrobeat singles. I am also working on an album with completely different music (lets not forget I make more than just Afrobeat). But I have not put a deadline on that album. I really enjoy how everything is going naturally and once the time is right I will surprise you guys.

W : Where do you see yourself in five years ?

J : In the studio with Yemi Alade working on a single while having Davido on the phone discussing our multiple platinum single. Haha. No just kidding. What I am trying to say is I set big goals for myself and I am a dreamer and a believer. I want the world to know who Jaskelis is and what Jaskelis does.

W : End words for our readers and your fans ?

J : Thank you for taking the time to read this article. If you don’t know who I am or still have any questions. Make sure to follow me on all social media platforms to stay updated and get to know more about me. Lots of love to you guys !

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