Gelila Mesfin : the Ethiopian artist who portrays African-American stars !

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Do you remember Dennis Owusu-Ansah, the talented Ghanaian artist who enjoyed changing African- American stars’ name and clothes to make them look like his Ghanaian peers ? His Ethiopian colleague’s work is just as stunning, if not more. Her name is Gelila Mesfin. Presentation !

Fate had done well

Gelila Metiti Mesfin was born in Ethiopia and left for the United-States when she was 18. She started to paint in high school and kept going when she was a college student. She didn’t think she would have a career in this field, but fate made it this way.

In 2016, she decided to work on the picture from the Destiny’s Child album Destiny Fulfilled. The former singer Michelle Williams shared the picture and the world praised it.

A stunning artist

Gelila Mesfin’s skills are not only about digital. She paints and draws but her inspiration doesn’t change: “it comes from African culture and Black women.” Her art aims at celebrating Black women’s ancestry, heritage, culture and beauty.

She chose to praise Black women because they were underrepresented and not “fully considered muses within the arts community” for a long time.

She glorifies them with powerful colors but also the patterns inspired by traditional African clothing.

From Rihanna to Michelle Obama, Lupita Nyong’o and Sira Kanté, all were Gelila Mesfin’s muses, for the greatest satisfaction of African art lovers !

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