Eve Yasmine : « Africa is getting more of the recognition that it deserves »

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Singer but also dancer, actress, or model; Eve Yasmine, whom we presented last August, reveals us some secrets of her multiple talents around a WANA interview !

WANA :  Where are you now and why ? 

Eve Yasmine : I am in a cafe in Stockholm, Sweden as I am writing this but will be in between Sweden and Finland the whole month doing jazz gigs!
WANA : You are a very versatile person ! How do you explain this hyperactivity ?

Eve Yasmine : Art comes in so many forms, when you’re an artistic person you feel this desire to be as expressive as possible and I think it’s beautiful that there are so many ways that enable you to be and give/ share all you can and what’s in your heart/mind. I have an interest in a lot of things and like to create!

W : There a few months ago, you made your official debut in music, how do you explain this desire to sing ?

Eve Yasmine : I always loved singing and music, it’s such a personal thing that really comes from your heart, I’m glad I eventually found the confidence to pursue it, it brings me a buzz unlike anything else.

W : To shoot the video Habibi you went to Chefchaouen in Morocco, you sang at the
MRE festival and parade wearing a kaftan a few days ago for Caftan du Maroc. You seem attached to Morocco, what is your relationship with the country of your origin ?

E.Y : Very. So as you know I was born in London and I grew up there my entire life. My Dad always spoke to me in English and all the family from my father’s side lived abroad so I was always curious from the get go to learn more about my dad’s cultures, the languages my family speak, the countries, the fashion, the music, the food…etc! I feel everything I am of my mixed roots and take pride in it, also I think my origins come out in my look and personality traits. When I was a teenager I used to look through all my aunt’s fashion magazines in Casablanca, she collected copies and I fell in love with the beautiful caftan designs, it was a dream come true to walk the catwalk at Caftan Du Maroc London and they also played Habibi for my first walk for Bouchra Filali which was the cherry on the cake for me! Festival MRE was a lot of fun and a wonderful opportunity to get to know a lot of talented Moroccan artists both in music and comedy!


Crédit photo : Noureddine El Ghoumari

W : The WANA spirit comes from the dual Western and African culture, yourself are English of Moroccan origin, what is the role of your double culture in your artistic choices ?

 E.Y : I want to represent who I am and reflect all my cultures in my music. Talk To Me Brother was about growing up in London, Father Tongue I wrote about learning about my dad’s cultures and Habibi was the first song I had recorded which combined English lyrics with an oriental instrumental, produced by a music producer based in France – Kylan. It was so important to me that I did everything possible to make the music video happen in Morocco’s magical blue city Chefchaouen despite so many obstacles but it was worth the persistence and hard work !

W :  When we were looking for information about you, we discovered that you are suffering from fibromyalgia, you are an example to follow because this syndrome fatigue, and yet you seem inexhaustible. What advice would you give to those who suffer from the same disease as you? 

E.Y : Find as many things that energise you and make you happy. Distraction has been my best way to deal with my medical condition and having big goals that take up lots of mind space !

 W : What is your definition of the “New Africa” ?

E.Y : There are so many beautiful countries, languages and cultures to learn about. Be open minded and discover more…SO much talent is coming out of Africa and I am so proud that step by step Africa as a continent is finally getting more of the recognition that it deserves. African artists such as FUSE ODG have done really well in the UK and promote a positive image of Africa and Africans, Ahmed Soultan who created the Afrobian style fusing Arabic and African music rhythms won an MTV EMA Award for his work, I’m glad that we have artists like these guys doing great things.


Credit photo : Hout Kov


 W : Who is/are your favorite(s) african(s) artist(s) ?

E.Y : Ah I have so many! Ahmed Soultan, Fuse ODG, P-Square, RedOne, Hakim, Mohombi, Shayfeen,  Manal BK…the list goes on !

W : Who is/are your favorite(s) occidental(s) artist(s) ?

E.Y : John Legend, Estelle, Billy Joel, Stromae, Bruno Mars and so many others !

W : How do you see your career evolve in the coming months ? Should we expect a new clip of Eve Yasmine ?

E.Y : I have so much more to give and share, it’s just a matter of finding the means to make it all happen. In the near future I want to record and release originals I have written or co-written. There is one song in particular that I wrote this year that is very personal to me that I’d like make a music video for, it’s likely that will be my next one!

W : One last word for our readers and your fans all over the world ?

E.Y : Thank you to all supporting me, sharing my songs and videos which has opened doors and inevitably will open more that will enable me to put out more music and videos. And if you have just discovered me thanks to this article then hey and welcome !  Lots coming soon so follow me on social media @eveyasmine to keep updated !

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