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Philypa Phoenix interview : « to stay happy and optimize my art »

WANA offers you an exclusive interview of Philypa Phoenix, actress, model and former member of “Les Déesses”. She comes back on her artist life, her past in the music industry, her link with Africa and much more. Chilling confessions !…

Aucun commentaire / 16 juin 2018

BlacKkKLansman, Spike Lee’s new movie !

27 years after the famous “Jungle Fever”, Spike Lee introduced his new movie “ BlacKkKlansman ” on 14 April 2018 during the Cannes Film festival. This movie based on true events is a powerful stance against racism in the United-States….

Aucun commentaire / 23 mai 2018

The young African-British hip-hop artists who succeed in the UK !

They are young, talented, British and from Africa: here is a non-exhaustive list of British artists who offer hip-hop music “made in United Kingdom” ! Stormzy – UK/Ghana (24 yo) Besides being the oldest, Stormzy is also the most famous…

Aucun commentaire / 9 mai 2018

Zola Nene, a chef and food stylist from South Africa !

Do you know many people who are both chef and food stylist ? After reading this article, you will know at least one of them : Zola Nene, whose reputation went beyond South Africa’s borders, her homeland. The assertion of…

Aucun commentaire / 11 avril 2018

Mabel McVey, the multicultural artist who suceeds brilliantly in the UK !

She is currently doing extremely well in the UK and starts to be known on the global musical stage. Focus on Mabel McVey, a multicultural artist who is none other than the daughter of the singer Neneh Cherry ! A…

Aucun commentaire / 28 mars 2018

Interview of Jaskelis : « I want the world to know who I am » !

More than a month after presenting her, the Dutch artist of Nigerian origin Jaskelis agreed to answer our questions during an exclusive interview ! An interview which allows to know more about the ambitions of the singer of « Busy Body » !…

Aucun commentaire / 24 mars 2018

Hassan Hajjaj, the « Andy Warhol of Marrakech » !

Named as one of the most influential artists by the Africa Art Market Report 2015, Hassan Hajjaj came back for his exhibition Hassan Hajjaj: La Caravane, at Somerset House, London, from 5 October 2017 to 7 January 2018. Let’s focus…

Aucun commentaire / 14 mars 2018

Eve Yasmine : « Africa is getting more of the recognition that it deserves »

Singer but also dancer, actress, or model; Eve Yasmine, whom we presented last August, reveals us some secrets of her multiple talents around a WANA interview ! WANA :  Where are you now and why ?  Eve Yasmine : I am in a cafe…

Aucun commentaire / 13 novembre 2016

Interview Shinx : « My connection with The Higher Clique is dope ! »

WANA propose you an interview of Shinx, Nigerian rapper collaborating with our friends of The Higher Clique. The opportunity for him to introduce himself at the French people and to speak about his new E.P entitled « Love’ N’ Trap ». WANA :…

Aucun commentaire / 26 septembre 2016