BlacKkKLansman, Spike Lee’s new movie !

par / Aucun commentaire / 23 mai 2018

27 years after the famous “Jungle Fever”, Spike Lee introduced his new movie “ BlacKkKlansman ” on 14 April 2018 during the Cannes Film festival. This movie based on true events is a powerful stance against racism in the United-States.


BlacKkKlansman recounts Ron Stallorth’s investigation. He is a young Black police officer from Colorado Springs who decided to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan, a racist and White supremacist organization which has committed many crimes since its creation in the Unites States in 1865.

The character of Ron is played by John David Washington, son of the famous Denzel Washington who already played Malcom X for Spike Lee in 1992 in one of his greatest masterpieces. Ron Stallorth faced an issue when he had to meet the local supervisor of the KKK in person. He had to find a cover, his White and Jewish colleague Flip Zimmermann, played by Adam Driver.

In his book “Black Klansman” published in 2014, Ron explains that, in the 1970s, he was assigned to the intelligence section of his department: “one of the things we routinely did was read the newspapers to see what, if anything, in there might warrant our attention. I saw this classified ad that said Ku Klux Klan, and there was a PO box address, so I wrote a little letter basically under the guise of being a white racist.”

In a country overwhelmed by racial inequalities and systemic racism, and led by a man who was openly endorsed by the KKK, Spike Lee’s movie allows to highlight those inequalities and injustices faced by African Americans while criticizing Donald Trump’s stance to whom he is radically opposed.

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